Chakra: A Nordic Journal of South Asian Studies Call for Articles and Reviews

Chakra: A Nordic Journal of South Asian Studies is an open access, online, peer-reviewed Nordic yearbook devoted to South Asian Studies published by the Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET) at Lund University.


Chakra invites submissions of manuscript articles and reviews to be published in late 2018 (Volume V). (…). Chakra will publish original work from scholars of South Asia in the humanities and social sciences including, but not limited to, history, religious studies, literary studies, sociology, gender studies, economics, geography, political science, anthropology, and philosophy. Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting.


What types of articles on South Asia will Chakra publish?
Chakra invites submissions of
•    Original research articles focusing on a specific South Asian country (Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives).
•    Original research articles that have a transnational, global, or comparative perspective on South Asia.
•    Original theoretical or methodological articles that discuss the concepts South Asia, South Asian Studies, and related concepts.
•    Reviews or review essays of recent books on South Asia.

Deadline for this year’s submission is May 1, 2018.

You can find submission guidelines here.

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