Roundtable on India-US relations

A breakfast roundtable discussion on the theme “Where are US-Indian relations heading – and what are the implications for Europe?” was held at UI on 13 September, 2018

Two speakers – Dr. Anita Inder Singh and SASNET guest researcher Dr. Vittorio Felci, were invited to give their view on the historical and contemporary state of affairs between the two countries. Themes included:

• How is India positioning itself, given the increased competition between China and the US?

• How should we view India’s stronger ties with the US, given India’s historic reluctance to be drawn into US Asian security arrangements?

• How is India juggling its close ties to Russia with a stronger engagement with the US?

• How is India’s growing interest in the Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean world converging with US interests?

• What are the implications for Europe of a closer Indo-US strategic collaboration?

Further description of the speakers:

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