Podcast from Almedalen: Why India is important to Europe

On July 4 The South Asia Initiative organised a seminar in Almedalen on the theme “Why India is important to Europe”. The first panel analysed changes to the strategic environment in Asia. New US priorities, an active China, and India’s rise have contributed to new bilateral and multilateral partnerships taking shape. Current developments in Asia have global implications and will also affect Europe. How does the EU and individual member states approach India strategically? And is Europe a factor in Indian strategic thinking? Speakers were:
Constantino Xavier, Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings India
Shada Islam, Friends of Europe
Hans Dahlgren, State Secretary for International and EU Affairs to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
Henrik Chetan Aspengren, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)

The second panel was organized by Six year plan… and focused on the business climate under the current Indian government.

Listen to the UI Podcast:

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