India Trilateral Forum

UI has participated in the 15th edition of the India Trilateral Forum which was held in Stockholm on 29-30 November 2018.
The forum, which is a regular dialogue held between Americans, Europeans and Indians, is aimed at creating a place for an intimate conversation on shared political, social and economic objectives in national and foreign policy implementation. The forum is held twice annually under the organization and supervision of Chatham House.

This year’s forum entailed discussions on the upcoming Indian elections against the backdrop of a rapidly changing global landscape, the future of multilateral institutions against the backdrop of global trade norms being under pressure and the US, EU – India relations against the backdrop of a rising China and the concept of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”.

The Swedish MFA organised a separate India-event for the Swedish Government Offices in connection to ITF. Henrik Chetan Aspengren spoke on the panel dealing with Sweden-India relations.

“ITF offers a great opportunity for representatives from the strategic expert community from Europe, India, and the US to share insights and ideas. There is however an urgent need to better convey these debates to a wider audience within the Swedish government”
Henrik Chetan Aspengren

A full description of the forum can be found here

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