Event: Promoting Cooperation, Partnership and Connectivity between Europe and Asia

On 28 March, the Department for Asia Pacific at the Swedish MFA organised an open seminar on the theme: “Promoting Cooperation, Partnership and Connectivity between Europe and Asia”. In his keynote State Secretary Oscar Stenström stressed Asia’s importance for Sweden, both in terms of trade and innovation. In a following panel ambassadors to Sweden from Republic of Korea, Vietnam and Bangladesh respectively discussed the role of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Asian-European cooperation. The seminar was concluded by a panel consisting of Monika Wirkkala (Swedish Institute), Börje Ljunggren (UI), Björn Jerdén (UI), and Henrik Chetan Aspengren (UI). The concluding panel touched upon various aspects of Asia’s role in global affairs and the need to increase knowledge about the countries in Asia and the Asian region, in Sweden.

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